How we work at Cloudberry in corona times

These are troubling and challenging times for all of us – individuals, families, businesses and society as a whole. It is with the utmost respect that we follow the commitment and advice of; the authorities and health care providers to try to work through this crisis in the best way possible. We are certainly many who wish we could do more.

Without repeating the thoughts and sentiments of so many others, we want to give a brief update on how we are affected and how we are working through these times. Nothing is as usual, but we try to stay as routine as possible – to find opportunities, and think ahead.

In keeping with the advice of The Public Health Agency of Sweden, we are still available in any way that assignments and clients may require. There will be no change to the services we provide or the way we work from a customer perspective. We hold sales meetings and workshops remotely- a routine that we as an agency are used to, as many of us have been keeping close contact with our clients from all over the world this way for many years.

We see the need for communication as being as important as ever now, when the situation is complex and uncertain. We are well aware of the respect, awareness and consideration required for communication in this landscape, where balance and good judgment are imperative.

Morning meeting

Our agency and all our employees are just as available even though we are working remotely. Every morning we meet online to discuss how everyone is getting on and what lies ahead on each of our agendas. We go through and distribute the day’s work and collate what needs to be done in assignments and projects.

In these times when we want to help in a genuine way, we are thinking about what we can do to assist our customers with good communication and support.

We would like to flag that if you feel that you may need some extra support or our second opinion, we are available.

Feel free to contact any of us if you already have a contact at Cloudberry, or management.


Eva Nielsen, CEO
[email protected]
mobile: +46 703 058 599

Madelene Kornfehl, COO
[email protected]
mobile: +46 706 585 885